Thursday, September 3, 2009


Turkey gets a well deserved telling off

What an appalling exercise in pessimistic spin. New Zealand media are just busting themselves to make us feel bad about our treatment of children. Instead of concentrating their outrage that Turkey came thirtieth out of thirty OECD countries rankings for treatment of children and seeking international sanctions against this outlaw regime -they complain that New Zealand came twenty-ninth. Get real people. New Zealand was not the worst - it was only the second worst and after nine years of a centre left government!
No we should be ashamed.
Forget the bloody spin and explanation and the mealy mouth crap about where this figure or that figure comes from.
New Zealand is Not a good place to bring up children.
Our OECD world ranking is 29 out of 30
Mind you it is a good place to be a CEO
No hiding from that.

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