Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A simpler and fairer plan

Auckland needs a Super City.
Auckland needs one vision and one plan.
Auckland needs an Executive Mayor.
Auckland needs only one bureaucracy

But Auckland also needs a Super City that represents all of Auckland and not just some of it.

Here is a fairer plan.
  • Set up twenty two wards roughly corresponding to Auckland’s General electorates and two Maori electorates.
  • Each electorate elects its own ward.
  • Each ward then elects one of its number as a Super City councillor.
  • Each ward looks after its community assets and speaks for its neighbourhood.
  • The Super City speaks and plans for the whole region.



  1. This is a great idea well ahead of its time, just like Hamish. Gavin

  2. I like this plan,Hamish.It is simple and clear, and pays attention to that very basic human desire for a sense of place, a locality with which to identify where you have the chance to get to know the people, the shops, the schools etc; where you can follow your local rugby scene and watch the children grow. We already have a system of wards which may not be perfect, but it works, so why change it? Not many of us can encompass a large conglomorate in our minds, and we need the chance to identify with our neighbourhood and those who have a say in govorning it. Diane Percy