Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We’re A Sporting Nation and We Won’t Get Fat

Goblin Nation you’re a beaut

Land of hairy kiwi fruit

Land of butter lamb and cheese

Bringing our belly to our knees.

But we’re a Sporting Nation and we won’t get fat

Sometimes we beat the world at this and sometimes win at that.

We’ve held up the lofty silver cup brimming with champagne

But when it s overflowed and flown

We don’t mention it again.

And if we find the going hard while scrabbling in the scrum

We can always turn the game around with a finger up the bum.

It never matters how we win

If we wear the winners hat.

Coz we’re a sporting nation and we wont get fat.

We will razz the rotten umpire if he doesn’t raise his finger.

We’ve got no time for losers and won’t let buggers linger.

Our jerseys are bulging

And we can’t see our feet

But in a sporting nation it doesn’t matter what we eat.

And if we’re disappointed by the foolish boys in flannel

A push of the button and we’re on a winning channel

We love the great outdoors

And we keep our Tuis in a tin

Cos we’re a sporting nation where everybody’s thin

Kamate Kamate

Aue Aue

Another day at the office on the fields of glory

The hairy man hides in the kumara pit

You can eat what you like in the land of fit.