Sunday, July 5, 2009


Next Wednesday at app. 1510 it will be time for the barbeque pitch. Given five golden minutes to make my case I will be speaking to the submission which, with the help of 85 of you out there, I am putting to the Select Committee on the Local Government (Auckland) Bill. That should sharpen my mind. Guess I will straight out appeal to clarity and commonsense - why set up a complicated system to elect a council of some 23 seats when we have a perfectly good and comprehensible political framework already in place - twenty General electorates and two Maori. Point two: government only works if it is made by consent from top to bottom and it can only be effective if it is comprehensible. Since 1865 when the capital shifted to Wellington, Auckland has been a powerless entity exiling its best political talents to Mount Albert by the Sea where they promptly forgot where they came from, why they went there and who sent them. This is a rich and once only chance not to have them screw us again.

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