Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In Simon Wilson's much maligned (by some bloggers at least) I Love Super City story in Metro he quotes the arch bogeyman Rodney Hide "This is governance" says the man in the Yellow Jacket "its the way democracy works that we're talking about here. It's important to have the proper process." 
Right on Rodney. 
But are we talking about process at all - not many - I am trying to, but people, it is like pushing the proverbial lump of pooh uphill. 
Saying no is atavistic in Auckland. 
We do it in our sleep.  
But this is no time for saying Not it is a time for saying What
It is going to happen. 
We have just over a week to say what could happen. 
Click on the right and see my version. 
Join in if you agree or write your own version of a rational and democratic Auckland. 
But don't stand around scratching your bum and saying No.

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  1. Interesting that the little man who got this thing pushed through under Urgency is all for 'the proper process'...