Friday, June 19, 2009


The Auckland Regional Authority and the Government are each kicking in $20 million to buy Queens Wharf from Ports of Auckland. Auckland Holdings Ltd own Ports of Auckland. The Auckland Regional Authority owns Auckland Regional Holdings. The citizens of Auckland own the Auckland Regional Authority. 
What is wrong with this picture? 
Something straight from Alice in Wonderland.
But wait. There is More. Auckland City Council are going to chip in a further $84 million to make the existing century old sheds "Magical" so the players, WAGS and barmy armies can party up for the Rugby World Cup.
Now here is a better plan.
Sell the Ports of Auckland to Tauranga - which is already bigger than the Ports of Auckland will be if it fills in the entire water it controls - and shift most of its port  operations out of the CBD and with it shift most of the cargo it unloads closer to where it is going anyway.
Then we will have most of the port to party in and the money to make something better happen than magical sheds. We could also have an Exhibition Centre, Te Papa North and a theatre or two
Ports of Auckland claims it needs the dosh it earns to expand Ports of Auckland.
Queens wharf has been closed to the public for almost ever to ripen bananas and store second hand Japanese cars which produce emissions to the point where they are illegal to drive in Japan.
Eat Me Drink Me Bite Me

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