Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It is two weeks until submissions close on the shape of the new Auckland City and what are the Public Adressers, the Kiwi Bloggers the Whale Oilers and the No Right Turners and the Pundits adding to the debate - nothing - they coast along with their self satisfied political pandering and the sniggering at the evil deeds of the politically worthless while the chance to inform their readers about what is proposed what might be proposed and what should be proposed for the governance of one third of the country slips by. Is our blogosphere so truly contemptible and off message? 


  1. Ouch. Mentioned in the same sentence as Whale Oil, and not as a contrast. That's insulting.

    So, to return the favour: demanding that everyone drop what they're doing and pay attention to your pet issue is simply pompous and arrogant. We each have our own posting priorities (mine for example include using the OIA to delve into various aspects of government policy, plus serious Parliament watching), based on our interests and strengths. If someone isn't talking about your pet topic, then its something you just have to deal with (or start your own blog, which you've already done).

    Personally, I have a very good reason for not talking about Auckland much: I don't live there. Thus, I have a certain amount of disinterest just by virtue of geography. In addition, I also feel that in some ways I am not entitled to an opinion - it not being my local government Rodney Hide is screwing with. It is Auckland's local government, and its up to them to decide the shape of it.

    (You can wank on about how important Auckland is all you like; that just means you get to add "Aucklander" to that earlier "arrogant and pompous"...)

    Despite this, I am planning to make a submission, focusing on the need for Maori representation and the undemocratic nature of "at large" seats, and it'll be posted when its done.

  2. Rodney Hide will screw with yours soon enough

  3. Rodney Hide will screw with yours soon enough

    No doubt - but that's not actually something I can submit on in the bill. Neither is the dictatorial powers of the transition agency, or the gross abuse of process in ramming it through under urgency, or in denying Aucklanders a chance to have a say on it via a referendum. And those are all issues primarily for Aucklanders to deal with, if necessary, by taking to the streets.

  4. I've put together my submission, in two parts:

    Part one:

    Part two:

    It should be noted that "The Standard" has made quite a lot of mention of the Super-City over the past few months. Neither Idiot/Savant nor David Farrar live in Auckland, so it's understandable they wouldn't focus on it. As for Whaleoil, I really couldn't care less!