Friday, February 4, 2011


Elected to High Office

I took a brand new pen

And tore a sheet of paper from my pad.

I did not have to ponder the 100 things to do.

That would make those who put their trust in me

Feel justified and glad.

First thing that I wrote

Was: Make a list.

Then: Set up a committee,

To make sure that nothing’s missed.

Those were two quite simple things to do.

Missions easily accomplished.

Must not let my attention wander

So again I wrote.

Check the list.

That’s three.

This job is easy.

And to the end I went and added.

Read the list.

Four done and only ninety six to go.

So I set up ten committees.

Counting each one twice.

(The times that they would meet)

My list has now reached twenty three.

That’s really rather neat

Then: give councillors a job.

That’s one for each committee chair

And my list is looking pretty.

At thirty three I’m one third there.

How easy can this be?

Of course committees all have members.

Five each

Another fifty folk made happy.

My list is now at eighty plus

The things I’m going to do are looking pretty snappy.

Then: Check my desk

Another one

So easily done

And count the ten things on it.

And put my name up on the door

Its now up to ninety five, nearly to the magic ton.

Well ninety six if I count the reading note.

Clean teeth

Brush Hair

Go to the loo

The things I do are now nearly at one hundred - Whoo!

The last must be something memorable

To make it certain I’m recalled.

Something to confirm my date with History’s Great.

My name in golden letters upon the Honour Wall.

Acknowledging the plans I laid

The struggles and the visions planned.

The smiles, the photo ops the handshakes never missed.

Divinely guided without a pause I penned:

Never forget the day you wrote this list.


  1. 100 things in one day...congratulations you Supercity Man. Gavndo

  2. ....oh and, if I have time, I must ensure the destruction of as many heritage buildings as possible before I'm voted out.