Friday, October 2, 2009


Will New Zealand get a tsunami warning system that works before we have a tsunami or will we do the usual New Zealand thing and have the tsunami first then have a meeting of bureaucrats on a hill to address the issues going forward?
Deputy Prime Minister, Bill English put his finger right on the problem "There was .. a bit of confusion which can happen when an unexpected event happens very fast.". Right then. We would have been okay if a slow tsunami had happened and it had let us know in advance that it was going to happen and had happened between 9 am and 5 pm. A convenient tsunami we could have managed - no problems.
Former Labour Minister of Civil Defence, Rick Barker, was even more to the point. He knew exactly what we needed to prepare ourselves for a fast tsunami with no manners. What he failed to mention is why we did not have it and why when he was in charge of these things his finger was as far up his bum as his former Department's seemed to be on Wednesday.
Well I have a plan.
Locate our bureaucrats on a beach and when the inconveniently timed tsunami comes along they and the stupid citizens who rushed down to the beach to have a look can be washed away together much to the increase of the country's IQ.

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