Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Is Labour MP and aspiring Member for Auckland Central, Phil Twyford really serious about his suggestion that kids should give their parents a vote by proxy? Or is he just the merry prankster we need to take our minds of the daunting issues of the day. Or is he Labour's Melissa Lee. Which parent gets the votes. How much consultation should there be? Should nightly readings from Hansard be a part of good parenting? This puts an entirely new spin on political baby kissing. Where should this weird idea stop. Should we in turn give kids a vote for their dead parents who obviously are denied participation in the democratic process because they are dead. Go for it Phil you have obviously just begun to scratch the surface of nutty political thinking.
Actually here is a better idea - you get to cast a vote for every hit you score on Google.
Phil Twyford  6210
Melissa Lee 34,200

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