Sunday, May 31, 2009


In the past few years The New Zealand Herald has reminded its readers what old fashioned crusading journalism is about. You may, or may not agree with the substance but their campaign against the Electoral Finance was a blinder and so is the paper's current War on P.

But Auckland faces the biggest challenge and biggest choice in its history - how will the Super City rationally be put together, who will it represent - all of us or only some of us - and how will we elect it.

Time for the Herald to start a crusade to get this right. It is not just a matter of political points of view - the debate has to shake itself free of that - it is our future - all of our futures. We must have a super city that works, free of the dysfunctional argey bargey and ego that has crippled it for all of its history.

Come on our paper.
Gird up and gallop out.
Show us how to get it right

See The Opportunity, Read The Plan

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